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Dr John Seach

Volcano Website is an educational site providing information on active volcanoes, produced by Australian scientist John Seach and provides news, photos and adventure travel. Volcanoes are the most exciting and powerful natural events on earth, and provide dynamic and varied landforms. Every day there are about 20 volcanoes erupting on the earth. John Seach monitors global volcanism and provides an educational resource for the international community. To view an eruption is one of the greatest experiences in nature, however the challenge must be accepted with common sense and knowledge of the risks.


  • Rabaul volcano, Papua New Guinea.

  • Krakatau volcano, Indonesia.

  • Tropical scene from Vanuatu, South Pacific.

  • Lava flow closeup, Kilauea volcano, Hawaii.

  • Morning glory pool, Yellowstone NP, USA.

  • Stromboli volcano, Italy.


There are about 1500 active volcanoes on earth. This represents the number of volcanoes which have erupted in the past 10,000 years, and are likely to erupt again in the future. The majority of volcanoes are located around the Pacific Ring of Fire, however there are many volcanoes located at the junction of other tectonic plates, and at intraplate locations.


Every day there are about 20 volcanes erupting somewhere on earth. Often we hear about eruptions which are located close to populated areas, or where spectacular video is obtained. Over the past 20 years John Seach has been providing eruption news to the international community, often from the "front line" of the eruption.

Volcano Travel 2024

The world has not been fully explored and there are many volcanic landscapes which have been rarely, or never, visited by explorers. Spectacular eruptions are frequently unnoticed due to their remote location. These adventure locations are the speciality of John Seach over the past 34 years of volcano travel.